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The fungi kingdom
changed how we view the world.

We supply our communities with fresh, nutritious specialty produce 365 days out of the year.


Currently, we grow a variety of fresh mushrooms and microgreens to max out every dish's potential for nutritional content and beauty.

We service local restaurants and deliver individual orders to families in Fargo, ND., Moorhead, MN., and surrounding communities.


Jared Winmill (left), co-founder and grower, has practiced a raw love of the culinary world, farming, foraging, natural medicine and more. From cooking at the world's most renowned seminary in Nebraska, to winning bartending battles in the midwest, he's always worked intimately with ingredients and curation techniques. As a farmer, chef, and consumer, he knows his path has led him to meaningfully grow food that aim to intentionally shape the menus in our communities.

Josiah Fritzhuspen (right), grower and owner, supports our grow operations, troubleshoots and solves for mechanic hurdles, and always lends an energetic can-do anything-is-possible mindset. We love that Josiah for always gets the team to focus on opportunities to support our communities and links sustainability with social resiliency. In his spare time, you can find him advocating and volunteering for social equity programs, and romping around with his german shepherd, Ragnar.

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